The Big Picture

Think of all we value in the landscapes that enfold us here in southwestern Vermont:

  • Our streams, rivers and lakes - the clean waters they transport, the opportunities for recreation they provide, the organisms (trout! loons!) that live in them.
  • The forests that cloak our Green Mountains and Taconics - the natural areas and wildlife habitats they represent, the clean air and dark skies they protect, the timber and other resources they offer.
  • Our working farms - the fresh and healthy products of all kinds they make available to us, the agricultural economy they sustain, the scenic vistas they preserve.

The Bennington County Conservation District works to conserve them all, for all of us.


Thank you to all who have responded so far to our 2018 annual appeal!

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Our Batten Kill Watershed Comprehensive Invasive Species Ecoamericorps Habitat Steward, Farrah Ashe, has been SO busy this spring. She helped give a workshop on invasives at Hildene, which included taste tests of garlic mustard cheese dip and Japanese knotweed sorbet (she made them); monitored barberry and Japanese knotweed  sites we treated in 2016; helped plan a floodplain restoration on the Batten Kill; and pulled hundreds of pounds of garlic mustard at the Equinox Preservation Trust. For more information about the activities of the CISMA, see their Facebook page, or contact Farrah at

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Do you have knotweed on your land?
In November, Chris Polatin of Polatin Ecological Services made a presentation on managing Japanese knotweed to the group of landowners in Sandgate and Arlington. You can view the presentation here.