The Big Picture

Think of all we value in the landscapes that enfold us here in southwestern Vermont:

  • Our streams, rivers and lakes - the clean waters they transport, the opportunities for recreation they provide, the organisms (trout! loons!) that live in them.
  • The forests that cloak our Green Mountains and Taconics - the natural areas and wildlife habitats they represent, the clean air and dark skies they protect, the timber and other resources they offer.
  • Our working farms - the fresh and healthy products of all kinds they make available to us, the agricultural economy they sustain, the scenic vistas they preserve.

The Bennington County Conservation District works to conserve them all, for all of us.


BCCD thanks the following people for generously responding to our 2016 end-of-year appeal.

Esthy & Jim Adler ( Adler Investment Partners) - Terri Armata - Alan Baker - Peter J. Berman - Judy Boehlert - Ruth and Bill Botzow - Dr. Michael and Kathy Brady - Ben and Jeanne Brumaghim - Frederick and Judith Buechner - Leslie Nase (Camping on the Battenkill) - Jean and Gene Ceglowski - Phil and Linda Chapman - Terry and Pam Coffield - Jim and Lodie Colvin - Malcolm and Carol Cooper - Gail Mauricette and Martin Cummings - Peter and June Davis - Sue DePeyster - Robert Donaldson - Mark and Suzie Donavan - Dr. Richard and Bonnie Dundas - Fred and Noreen Dunn - Patricia Dupree - Robert and Gail Ebling - James Edgerton - Jean Eisenhart - Nancy Faesy - John and Betsy Fogarty - Philip and Pauline Frost - Art and Pam Gilbert - David Hadden - Chris Heins (Woodland Services) - Ann and Francis Herrick - Teddy Hopkins - Robert and Cora May Howe - Gene Irons - Sonja Jaffee - Jeannie Jenkins and Michael Mishkind - Jenny Kimberly - Walter Klinger - Rick and Greer Kobick - Gedeon LaCroix - Diane and Frank Lamb - Dr. William and Mrs. Joan Lesko - Donald Lewis - Bruce Lierman - Lori and Bill Lundy - Ellen Maloney - David and Cheryl Mance - David Mance III - Tim Marr and Julie Haupt - Bill and Patricia Mayer - Phil Mazzucco - James McCabe - Robert and Joan Menson - Joe Miles (r.k. Miles) -  Miles Lumber - Alice Miller - Carl Mohlenhoff - Cinda Morse and Bill Fisk - Pamela Nalefski - Marty and Valerie Oakland - Arthur and Constance Page - Ron and Paula Plock - Jim Pullman - Robin Tarnas and Barbara Raskin - Solon and Hira Rhode - Harry and Mallory Rich - R. Arnold and Pat Ricks - Ed and Ann Shea - Roland and Gail Smith - Chuck Suss - Taconic Tri-State Audubon - Trevor Mance (TAM Inc.) - Telescope Casual Furniture - Barth and Elizabeth Vander Els - Londa Weisman - Constance West - Art and Kathy Whitman - Robert and Nancy Zapletal - Stan and Jane Zecher - Dr. and Mrs. S Duboff

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What Every Woodland Owner Should Know
A series of three workshops for Vermont forest land owners

Last summer, Bennington County Forester Kyle Mason of the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation, the Bennington County Sustainable Forest Consortium, and the One World Conservation Center co-sponsored three evening workshops on “What Every Forest Owner Should Know.” Presentations were videographed and can be viewed at the links below.

The Vermont Coverts Program

The Vermont Woodland Association

Natural Resource Conservation Service Programs

Consulting Foresters & Forest Management Plans

What to expect during a timber sale

The Vermont Tree Farm Program

What the State has to offer forest landowners (UVA and more)

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The Final Management Plan for the 168-acre Greenberg Headwaters Park in Bennington has been completed by BCCD and its partners. The plan outlines goals and objectives for new amenities in the Park such as kayak launches, boardwalks, and new trails, and recommends management activities, such as invasive plant control, for the Park's several natural communities. The Plan will be presented to the Town of Select Board for adoption in early 2016. To view the Plan, click here.