The Big Picture

Think of all we value in the landscapes that enfold us here in southwestern Vermont:

  • Our streams, rivers and lakes - the clean waters they transport, the opportunities for recreation they provide, the organisms (trout! loons!) that live in them.
  • The forests that cloak our Green Mountains and Taconics - the natural areas and wildlife habitats they represent, the clean air and dark skies they protect, the timber and other resources they offer.
  • Our working farms - the fresh and healthy products of all kinds they make available to us, the agricultural economy they sustain, the scenic vistas they preserve.

The Bennington County Conservation District works to conserve them all, for all of us.


The Final Management Plan for the 168-acre Greenberg Headwaters Park in Bennington has been completed by BCCD and its partners. The plan outlines goals and objectives for new amenities in the Park such as kayak launches, boardwalks, and new trails, and recommends management activities, such as invasive plant control, for the Park’s several natural communities. The Plan will be presented to the Town of Select Board for adoption in early 2016. To view the Plan, click here.