BCCD Board and Staff

The activities of BCCD are governed by a five-person Board of Supervisors. The current members of the Board are:

Board of Supervisors

  • Jim Henderson, Vice-Chair, Sandgate -- Jim Henderson is the Senior-GIS Planner at the Bennington County Regional Commission. He and his wife Nancy live in Sandgate with their three children. He is an avid hunter and fisherman and enjoys skiing and making maple syrup with his kids.
  • Josh Carvajal, Bennington -- Josh, a transplant from the suburbs, is raising a family in Bennington and enjoying all that Vermont has to offer.
  • Joe Nolan, Arlington -- Joe is a logger, raises beef cows, and helps his father on the family farm in West Arlington.
  • Jock Irons, Bennington -- After growing up in Bennington, Jock Irons moved to Fairbanks, Alaska, for 34 years. Upon retirement, he came back to the Bennington area and is currently working with a number of Vermont nonprofits, promoting the stewardship of Vermont forests to increase habitat for wildlife as well as provide for a sustainable forest products industry.


  • Philip Rivara, Soil Conservationist -- Philip works for the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, assisting farmers, landowners, conservation districts, schools and others in conserving natural resources.

Staff Members

  • Shelly Stiles, BCCD District Manager -- Shelly Stiles has been district manager since 1993. Her background is in horticulture and non-profit communications. She is an avid hiker, gardener, and mushroom hunter. She lives with her significant other Michael Batcher in nearby Buskirk, NY, where they manage their grasslands using prescribed fire.