FarmQuest Vermont, a treasure hunt for kids and their families, kicked off in summer 2011. Sponsored by BCCD, the Northeastern Organic Farmers Association -VT (NOFA-VT), and Someday Farm in E. Dorset, the initiative introduced families to ten farms in the region, producing everything from maple syrup or goat cheese or pumpkins or heirloom vegetables to raw cow milk. The Poultney-Mettowee Conservation District and Poultney High School participated in a similar program in that community.

In Bennington County, nearly twenty home-schooled children visited the participating farms in the early spring, created clues to their locations, and made up stickers illustrating the farm operations. "Passports" containing the clues were sold for $2 each at the Walloomsac Farmers Market and the Better Bennington Corp's Visitor's Center throughout the summer. Families used the passports to locate the farms. They found the farm's stickers in the Farm Quest box, and placed the sticker on the appropriate clue page in the passport. Folks who collected all the stickers returned to the market by the end of October to claim a prize.

Do you know where this farm is?

Many open rolling meadows,
Postcard picture-like charm.
Multicolored friendly goats
On this Shaftsbury farm.

Go north from the farmers market
On historic 7A.
You will find three hundred acres
And barns loaded with hay.

Please be careful with your passport;
You might just find it gone!
A playful and curious goat,
Will eat it like the lawn.
A Farm Quest Box