Programs & Workshops

Mettawee Students on the River

Mettawee Students on the River

BCCD has offered a variety of workshops and presentations for a number of different audiences. They've included:

  • Pond Design and Maintenance
  • Promoting Native Biodiversity in Your Home Landscape
  • Healthy Horses, Healthy Landscapes
  • Batten Kill Headwaters Talks and Virtual Tours, with "Seeing is Believing: Hidden History on the Green Mountain National Forest," by Forest Archaeologist Dave Lacy; "Turn-of-Century Loggers and Logging in the Green Mountain National Forest" by author Bill Gove (Rails in the North Woods and other books and articles); "Batten Kill Headwaters Fishery," a presentation by Green Mountain National Forest Fisheries Biologist Steve Roy; and "The Return of the Loon," a presentation by Eric Hanson, Vermont Loon Recovery Project Coordinator.
  • Managing Stormwater at Home and in Your Community.

    Stormwater is rainfall that doesn't sink into the soil but instead runs over parking lots, roads, driveways and other hard surfaces on its way to ponds, streams, and rivers. The run off carries impurities – oil, dirt, chemicals and others – that can contaminate drinking water, interfere with recreation, and impair aquatic habitat. Stormwater is one of the biggest threats to water quality in developed areas.

    BCCD, the One World Conservation Center, and the Bennington County Regional Commission produced a demonstration project on why and how to manage stormwater at the residential and community scale. Visit the rain gardens at One World Conservation Center to learn how to attractively capture stormwater at home. Click How To Capture Water and Direct It To Your Rain Garden to learn what more you can do in your own backyard.

Have an idea for a workshop? Or interested in revisiting an earlier workshop topic? Let us know.